Juggling things and staying present

Two weeks back here in the UK, and it feels like I’m right at home again.

As I edge closer to releasing my book, The Indie Author, I can feel the energy building as I now move into the promotion of the book, whilst I also finish editing the final version before converting it into the e-book format I’m distributing it in.

With the book being finished and launch content being put together as I do so, this all feels like enough for me to be getting on with for now. My other commitments are mostly the newsletter, which I’m using to share the launch content, and various calls I have scheduled.

I’ve also been feeling out a new direction for INF Club, and on which has become clearer recent weeks. In short, I think like to focus more on writers who want to make a living as independent artists.

I’ve realised that - for now - I needed to focus on getting this book out. There’s still work to be done there and, as a project nearly two years in the making and one that’s meaningful to me, I can definitely feel some gentle resistance as I approach the finish line. I just need to give myself permission to focus on this and this alone - the book.

In the meantime, I am gently putting a new website together (I’ve decided on a platform having done some research and had a couple of conversations with indie founders).

Other than that, my parents have been away this week so I have had the house to myself. This has made for lonely evenings, though I’ve had the benefit of independence and space - the sort I had become accustomed to in Madeira, albeit I was never living alone whilst I was there.

I enjoyed visiting my brother and his girlfriend last Friday, having dinner with my grandparents this evening, and seeing my cousins yesterday. It’s been a strange couple of years not really seeing (extended) family whilst the pandemic has been happening. Re-connecting feels nice.

As well as putting together content for the launch - which is involving ‘new things’ like scripting YouTube videos, recording them in chunks and editing them - I’ve got various calls coming up, like I seem to consistently have each week. I’ve gotten used to having connection calls, partly for the joy of having nourishing conversations, and partly with the view to having guests for the podcast; right now, though, I’m needing to conserve my energy and also give myself permission to not feel obliged to invite so many people onto the podcast. Especially whilst I have a busy month, and also whilst I am still navigating my new direction. I’m just going to be honest with myself and those people I am having calls with.

It feels important for me to remain present and give myself space in and amongst everything that’s going on at the moment.

It’s all too tempting to pile my plate high in attempt to avoid some of the feelings underneath; and I know deep down that going slowly and being intentional is how I’d like to operate.

So, this month is for The Indie Author.

I am trusting that with pause and with patience my next steps will become clearer as I step into a new direction, one that’s becoming clearer but still isn’t completrely in my focus as yet.

Again, I suspect the answer lies in slowing down and pausing even more, rather than speed up and fill my plate.

I’ll be taking this reminder with me into the coming week.

✏️ Sunday 8th August, 2021

Jas Hothi @jasraj