My last week(end) in Madeira

After the Porto Santo trip, I have been feeling a little ‘peopled out’ and also ready to go home – especially with my flight change being confimed and brought forward.

It’s felt like a disjointed week, but I feel it’s been what it’s needed to be. More time spent in my own space, though with a day-and-a-half in Funchal, and what’s been a nice closing weekend with at Estalagem yesterday (Friday), and then a day spent exploring the island on a scooter with Sonia, and a relaxing ‘games night’ I’ve cobbled together for this evening.

I’ve been continuing to lean into ‘building in public’ and sharing pieces of my day as I experience them. I’ve also kept open to connect with others – mostly for my own nourishment and connection – with a possible intention of moving to a podcast conversation if the fit feels right, but otherwise just enjoying the connection for what it is, in the present moment, on a human-human level.

For example, I met someone from the UK last night at the Sunset Social, who saw my Avicii cap and approached me; he has Avicii tattoos, including the logo and lyrics. We got chatting and it turns out he has been making music for 7 years, before moving to Madeira last year to pursue his music-making DJ dream full-time. He head a great energy and I loved hearing his story. I also met his friend who also moved over here, the two of them with their girlfriends; his friend used to perform in a band before deciding to go ‘solo’. They were both nice lads, switched on, and sounding like things were starting to happen for them, the fruits of their graft starting to pay off. I love hearing about those also on this indie path, and especially those who are wanting to make money from their art, their soul’s expression – be it from words, music or drawing (whatever the outlet).

Sasa & I also managed to record the first episode of a ‘microcast’ we are experimenting with. And I’ve also identified a couple of indie blogging platforms that are focused more on a clean writing and reading experience; I’m hoping to connect with the founders of said platforms in the coming days, to dig in a little more and get more of a sense of which direction to take.

I’m looking forward to spending a nice afternoon and evening here, before my flight tomorrow.

I am ready to return to the warmth of familiar London life for some weeks, before deciding what’s next.

It’s felt like a growthful time here in Madeira, I know Ill be simmering and refecting for the days that follow when I arrive back in the UK.

I also have some exciting things on the radar, from Public Lab, to various video conversations I have scheduled, to the release of The Indie Author book.

I’m writing this alongside Sonia, from the natural pools at Seixal, on my left the ocean and beautiful rocks walls of deep green, on the right a distant cliff and beautiful church atop it (see pictures below).

We’ve had drinks and snacks here, with lovely music – beautiful, relaing covers of songs we recognise – and we are both doing some reflective writing before we jump back on the scooter and take the half-hour-ish ride back to Ponta do Sol.

✏️ Saturday 24th July, Seixal (Madeira)

Jas Hothi @jasraj