Madeira / 3 Sundays in

Sunday 20th June, 2021

My 3rd Sunday in Madeira. After a power/detox yoga session @ Estelagem with Marie (on grass with mats + laptop + speaker), followed by lunch and a quick dip at the beach, I co-hosted the newcomers’ meet with Blake & Sasa.

After attending last week, I thought it would be a nice to carry on the meet that Gautier & Ana started. It’s a great way for newcomers to meet friendly faces and start making connections upon arrival to Ponta do Sol or elsewhere on the island; several attended from Funchal and villages nearby to PdS.

After a quick tour of the co-working & the village, we sat down on 3 tables for drinks/snacks, before watching sunset on the beach (albeit a cloudy one). Back at the house, Blake, Marie, Sonia & I watched 🍿 ‘Hot Fuzz’.

Jas Hothi @jasraj