Madeira / 11 days in

Wednesday 16th June, 2021

I’m 11 days in, and it feels like it’s been longer here.

The people the place has attracted, the Slack community and the nature of the village (just a small strip), have all been conducive to making connections - and familiarity - here very quickly.

Managing my day-to-day energy continues to be a balancing act; it’s always tempting to over-do the energy levels a bit, like I did last night for example. Yesterday was good fun, working from the co-working, before having lunch, followed by 2 Euro games with dinner in between; there was a decent crowd for Hungary vs Portugal (tense, until 3 goals in the last 15 minutes) and then even more of us nomads for France vs Germany. I could have called it a night then but Tadeu & I went to the pier with Ana, Gautier & others.

After a ‘sociable day’, inevitably comes a quieter day for me. Half of the house may be going somewhere for a chilled later afternoon, or otherwise I’ll be staying ‘home’ for the day. It feels important to continue to keep grounded and not over-extend myself too much, but reaching out ‘enough’. All things considered, I’m managing it all pretty well. It’s been about as smooth a first week-and-a-half as I could have expected.

Jas Hothi @jasraj