Madeira / first few days

Wednesday 9th June, 2021

It’s been a nice few days here in Madeira. It’s certainly helped to have lovely housemates (all of us intuitives), and a spacious place we’re sharing.

Today I walked to the co-working space in Ponta do Sol for the first time (for pizza & co-working), around an hour from the house on foot. Later, I’m planning on yoga & dinner before heading back ‘home’. It’s interesting calling a place that after just a few days.

We’re planning a restaurant dinner for tomorrow evening, a hike on Friday/Saturday, an evening out on Friday (Sunset @ Estalagem), and I’m already thinking about another Sunday like the last one - with brunch, chat & splashing by the pier, and a movie night at home in the evening.

Jas Hothi @jasraj