Arriving in Madeira

Monday 7th June, 2021

The start of a new week in Ponta do Sol, Madeira.

I arrived on Saturday afternoon to a warm household and a ‘Great Gatsby’ gathering in the evening in the village. Sunday was brunch, sunbathing & chatting at the pier, grocery shopping, and a movie in the evening (The Proposal).

Everyone is so nice, in fact it turns out there are four INFPs in the house, an ENFP, and a 6th person who I’m sure must be an NF too. At the pier, the same… 4 others who were NFs too. I’ve had the opportuntity to connect 1:1 with most people in the house, less than two days in. I’m grateful for the company and to have found “my people” here. It seems there are a few of us soulful freedom-seekers amongst the digital nomad community.

Jas Hothi @jasraj