Bank holiday weekend

Last weekend was a long one, and the last before my Madeira trip.

On Friday evening the 5 of us met @ The Fox & Hounds (Mickleham) and had a lovely, memorable evening. The sort that makes you realise that friendship (connection) is so important. Good times were had all round, I’m glad we got together before I head off and we agreed that we don’t get together like this enough.

On Sunday we had a family picnic (grandparents & Raj Massi), it was nice to see them after so long and I had a nice chat with Pavi.

On Monday (bank hol) I met Tsabi on the South Bank, before we walked about in Hyde Park & Green Park, making it as far as The Serpentine gate. The hottest day of the year so far and the South Bank was heaving, with the parks also busy but less so. A great afternoon of nourishing, flowful chat, walking, cold drinks, & pauses to sit and chat.

Jas Hothi @jasraj